July 19, 2020

Can I regrow my hair? The ultimate question!


At some point in their lives, most people will be asking themselves the following question: Can I regrow my hair? Regrowing lost hair is the holy grail of pattern baldness treatment. If we could regrow all the hair of a completely bald person then male/female pattern baldness would be cured.

Unfortunately, that is not yet the case. However, it is possible to regrow some hair. How much hair depends on the stage of hair loss and the chosen method of treatment, and varies from person to person.

The earlier you start treatment, the higher amount of hair you can regrow

This is especially true when dealing with hair loss. The balding process is a slow process which takes years. During this process, DHT attacks hair follicles and causes them to shrink. The longer you wait, the more damage DHT can do and the less hair follicles you have left to save.


By starting taking Finasteride (propecia), for example, you allow the hair follicles to restore themselves and produce healthy, full hair again.

When I started experiencing hair loss at the age of 24, I noticed significant thinning in the crown area of my head. It wasn’t a bald spot yet, but it was very much visible. After starting taking Finasteride, I noticed significant improvement after 6 months. After a few more months it was virtually gone.

What if I start late? Can I still regrow my hair?

As long as there is a visible amount of hair left, meaning there are still active hair producing hair follicles, then yes. Even weak hair follicles will benefit from Minoxidil and Finasteride and receive a significant boost. Over time they may even return to their normal size and functioning. Obviously, it is always better to start early, as noted before.

People who are at an advanced stage of hair loss, but still have some hair left, will likely need to use a combination of hair loss treatments/products, such as Minoxidil combined with Finasteride to get maximum results.

Finasteride will get rid of the DHT, while Minoxidil is great at stimulating hair growth. Using both treatments in conjunction significantly increases the chances of seeing hair regrowth.

More options

Another option might be to use the 15% Minoxidil solution, which is believed to be more effective than the regular 5%, since Minoxidil is dose dependent. Using the 15% will very likely result in regrowth of more and thicker hair compared to the 5%.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that continuous use is required in order to keep existing hair as well as regrowing hair. Discontinuing a hair loss treatment will result in new regrown hair falling out and hair loss returning to its pre treatment state. Also remember that it takes at least 6 months to see results, so be patient.

Hair transplant as a last resort option

If all other treatments fail, there is always the option of getting a hair transplant/hair restoration procedure for parts of the scalp where hair regrowth is impossible.

Hair transplant involves extracting hair follicles from the back and side of the head, where hair follicles are DHT resistant, and then implanting them in bald areas. The implanted hair follicles then slowly start to regrow new hair that looks and feels exactly like the existing hair, giving it a natural look and feel, if done at a high quality.

Such procedures have become increasingly popular during the last decade. Keep in mind though that they are extremely expensive compared to traditional treatments, and they can leave small scars in the donor area. In addition, it is possible that more than one procedure will be required.

To sum it up..

It is always best to start treating Male/Female pattern baldness as early as possible. Many people delay treatment or avoid it altogether, and later regret it and find out it’s much harder or even impossible to regrow their lost hair.

Today there are many ways to battle hair loss, and if one doesn’t fit you, you can always try the other. Once the decision to start has been made, there is no point of waiting.

From here on, persistance and continuous research on new treatments is the way to go.

3 thoughts on “Can I regrow my hair? The ultimate question!

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. It helps a lot to get more options before deciding to go for a hair transplant. Starting an early treatment is the best way to stop it from falling out completely. I agree. But I have a question. What are Minoxidil and Finasteride?

    1. Hi Ivan, Minoxidil and Finasteride are the two most common and FDA approved treatments for hair loss available.
      Hope that answers your question.

  2. Interesting post!
    I learned a lot from this post. I did not realize that the earlier you start treatment the more hair you can get to grow back.
    I have always wondered if I will start balding at some point in my life and this post gave me a lot of great information.
    Thanks for the helpful information!

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