July 9, 2020

Lipogaine hair loss treatment – DHT blocker and minoxidil in one product?

Product: Lipogaine for men

Price: 25$ (regular) – 29.95$ (for sensitive scalp)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Lipogaine.com

Number of bottles: 1

Guarantee: Yes, 90 days money back guarantee including shipping

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Lipogaine for men product overview

One of the most interesting products to stop pattern hair loss I recently discovered is Lipogaine.

Lipogaine is a topical solution that is applied to thinning areas of the scalp, in the same way minoxidil is applied. Lipogaine contains minoxidil 5% which stimulates blood flow and enhances hair growth, and other natural DHT blockers such as saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol, oleic acid, and linolenic acid.

The added DHT blockers are definitely a very interesting feature, and something that mainstream minoxidil products such as kirkland and rogaine haven’t added to their respective products. But the question is, do they really block DHT at the scalp? If they do, then in my opinion lipogaine is worth the extra cost.

DHT blockers and minoxidil – a perfect match

One of minoxidil’s drawbacks, and the reason why it is not a complete solution to the pattern hair loss problem – is the fact that it doesn’t address the root cause of hair loss, which is the damage DHT causes to hair follicles.

Lipogaine seem to address this drawback, by adding DHT blockers to its solution. Now, a DHT blocker such as finasteride (propecia) does work, but it also has many bad side effects because it lowers DHT systematically – in the blood, and as a well as in the whole body. And as much as DHT is bad for the hair, it is probably an essential sex androgen with many important functions. I know this for a fact myself, since I used Propecia in the past for 4 years and stopped because I experienced some of these side effects.

Lipogaine’s DHT blockers, however, don’t lower DHT systematically but rather locally, only where it is applied – on the scalp. And that is exactly where we want it to be lowered as much as possible, so it doesn’t cause more damage to existing hair follicles. Damage which significantly shortens the hair growth cycle and slowly kills the hair follicles.

In addition, these are natural DHT blockers such as saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol – which makes it even more safe. I take these natural blockers myself as a supplement pill, and I haven’t experienced and side effects whatsoever.

In many ways it’s very similar to other minoxidil products

Lipogaine is available only in a liquid solution, as opposed to kirkland/rogaine minoxidil which are available in a foam version as well.

Unlike liquid minoxidil, Lipogaine is also available in a propylene glycol (PPG) free version which is intended for people who are sensitive to it and suffer from side effects such as scalp irritation and redness. This is great for me since I am one of those people, so I ordered the sensitive version that does not contain PPG, and indeed I haven’t experienced scalp irritation or other side effects.

I actually liked using the liquid. I found it to be very easy to apply with the included dropper, even easier than the foam which I have been using for years. One of the drawbacks of the foam is the fact that it sticks to the hair and makes it harder and drier, like after using a gel that dries out. The liquid barely sticks to the hair and so my hair looks and feels more natural and free.

Like minoxidil, it should be applied twice daily for best results, and it should be used continuously for as long as you want to stop hair loss. It also only works for people who have enough hair left, and are not completely bald.

In addition, Lipogaine is available in a version for women as well.

My experience using Lipogaine for 6 months


After using Lipogaine for 6 months, I can say that although it is a good product, I haven’t felt any significant difference between compared to minoxidil foam.

It works in a very similar way (probably because both contain 5% minoxidil) in slowing down hair loss (but not stopping it completely in my case). I also haven’t noticed any regrowth in thin areas, which might suggest that the DHT blockers either don’t affect me personally at my current hair loss stage, or simply don’t work so well.

It should be noted that many reviews on lipogaine’s site (and in other sites as well) are very positive and people do praise this product and seem to get very good results.

To conclude, pros and cons


  • Includes both natural DHT blockers to fight root cause of pattern hair loss, and 5% minoxidil
  • Liquid version is easier to apply than foam
  • Available in a PPG sensitive version
  • 90-day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with results


  • Is more expensive than kirkland minoxidil
  • Doesn’t seem to block DHT in my case
  • Isn’t worth the extra money compared to minoxidil

The added DHT blockers make Lipogaine an interesting product to at least try out. I personally haven’t had great results using it, but many people claim it is a wonder treatment and they do show great before and after pics. I think that the fact that Lipogaine promises a 90-day money back guarantee definitely makes it a product worth trying. If you agree, go ahead an order your lipogaine today.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions or comments please add them below.

3 thoughts on “Lipogaine hair loss treatment – DHT blocker and minoxidil in one product?

  1. Good info. and explanation of how DHT blockers and minoxidil work. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s very useful.

  2. My father is starting to have hair loss at his age and getting to know that there are products like lipogain which can help with this is good and I will let him know about this product to try out.

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